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Watkins Dominator V front
Limited edition re-issue......
and sound!
Everything about the original design of the Watkins Dominator
is included in this reissue to ensure not just the look, but the
sound remains truely faithful. The only changes made are to comply with modern, and we think sensible, safety standards.

These include a detachable IEC power cable, external replaceable fuses, double bobbin isolation mains transformer, uprated fire resistant components, fully covered cabinet openings and many other safety aspects..
50 years ago
the impact on the
environment was hardly ever considered. Fortunately we
have all become more aware nowadays.

For this reason all the components comply with RoHS specifications and the highest grade of lead free solder is used to ensure longevity.

The Baltic Birch plywood used
to construct the cabinet and
timber parts are from a
certified sustainable
High quality components and materials used throughout, ensuring long term safety and reliability.
Watkins, WEM, Dominator, Westminster and Clubman are registered trade marks of Watkins Electric Music Ltd.
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