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Watkins Dominator - Do you want to hear it?
A number of very good and experienced guitarists have now tried the Watkins Dominator reissue, these include many who regularly use the original. They all agree it sounds every bit as good as the original - but seems to be a lot louder. We assume the modern more efficient loudspeakers are to be thanked for that improvement.

The video clip features Joe Ortiz who agreed to put the Dominator through its paces. Joe had never seen or heard of a Dominator before and so, unlike most other testers, he didn't have any pre-conceived ideas about it. All he knew was that it was around 17 Watts of power and so expected a practice amp. 
The amount of raw power came as a bit of a shock!
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Watkins, WEM, Dominator, Westminster and Clubman are registered trade marks of Watkins Electric Music Ltd.
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Video Clip

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