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Watkins Dominator V front
Limited edition re-issue......
Even the control knobs
have been re-moulded
to the original design
New old stock 1960's
grille cloth has been
used to complete the
look of the era. (Except
special colour versions)
Reproduction Watkins logo badges
now Gold Plated
All hand wired turret and
Point to Point component
.....The "devil's"
in the
Test Review
Video Clip
Every part of this beautiful design has been re-engineered down to the smallest detail to ensure a faithful reproduction of both sound and design.

Parts no longer available have been custom built to ensure complete authenticity. Even the control knobs have been reproduced to be identical to the original Watkins Dominator. the only changes made to the original design are to comply with the latest safety standards and regulations.

Of course it has to be a valve amp, just like the 1960 Dominator series 2 (Charlie's favourite model) this reissue features 2 x EL84 output valves, 3 x ECC83 pre-amp valves and an EZ81 rectifier valve. All hand wired to a turret board - no printed circuits in this baby.
Watkins, WEM, Dominator, Westminster and Clubman are registered trade marks of Watkins Electric Music Ltd.
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