General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At British Amplifiers, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account to provide the products or information you have requested from us.
As of May 25th, 2018 we have taken steps to ensure that we are compliant with the GDPR.

We will NEVER pass your personal details onto other companies or agencies for marketing purposes or any other reason.
We do not send marketing emails or newsletters.
We will only contact individuals in connection with an order and the progress of that order.
The only personal details we ask for are names and addresses, email addresses and possibly a contact number which we need to process your order.
These details together with any emails in connection with your order will be deleted once an order is complete.
At any time you can ask us to modify or delete any or all of your personal data, other than that which we are legally required to retain. You may also request a copy of such data.

We do not directly accept credit or debit card payments therefore no card records are asked for or kept on file.
Payments will generally be via PayPal, who have their own terms and conditions.
Other payment methods are by cheque, postal order, bankers draft, bank transfer (BACS) or international bank transfer.
Cash is accepted if collecting your items personally.

We will answer any questions you might ask by the method used to ask them. i.e. email, text or telephone.
We will not send out promotional emails about products we sell or manufacture unless you request them.
Please feel free to ask.


As with any business we have to keep trading records in respect of our annual accounts for tax purposes. These records are presented to our accountant for the purpose of calculating those accounts which are held securely for the statutory period of six years, after which they are destroyed.

Email data and order forms in connection with parts orders are automatically deleted from our web server after a period of 28 days.
We delete any such data from our computer on completion of those orders.
Accountancy records are stored on a password protected device for the statutory period mentioned above.


This website does not use cookies for any reason, but links to other websites may take you to websites that do use cookies.
We have a few demo links to You Tube, where You Tube certainly will use cookies over which we have no control. We cannot accept responsibility for other websites. If you are not happy with that, then don't click the links.

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