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The Watkins Clubman Reissue Amplifier
Clubman amp

The new Watkins Clubman amplifier, the baby of the Watkins family, built just like they were in the early sixties. Not a copy or a clone, an official reissue, fully approved and licensed by Charlie Watkins, of W-E-M, London, England.

Shown here in a Red & White livery, also available in Blue & White & Black & White.

Two inputs, a high gain (Solo) input and a lower, mellower (Rhythm) input, with controls for Volume & Tone.

Single EL84 class A output stage, producing
5 watts of power into the 8in Jensen CR-8 Loudspeaker.

The cabinet is made from top quality 9mm Baltic birch plywood from a sustainable source.

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Watkins, WEM and Dominator are registered trade marks of Watkins Electric Music Ltd.